Leasing vs. Financing in Florida

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Leasing vs. Financing in Florida

Leasing or Financing a Car in Tampa

How do you choose between leasing vs. financing a new Audi in Florida? The answer comes down to your lifestyle and your budget. There are pros and cons to both options when evaluating the new Audi models. At Audi Tampa, we help you pick the best choice for your needs. Schedule a test drive today.

Audi Leasing Pros & Cons

If you are looking for the lower-cost option between leasing vs. financing, you want to examine the Audi lease agreement. When you lease a vehicle, you aren’t paying the total price of the car. Instead, you agree to drive the car for a specified amount of time and return it when you are done. You pay the leasing company a lower price than if you were to buy the car. Plus, you won’t have to put as much money down. At the end of the lease, you have the option to return the car or buy it.

However, there are also downsides to the Audi car lease. For example, you will need to adhere to a specific mileage limit. It’s also important to keep the car in pristine condition. If there is any damage beyond normal wear and tear or you exceed the mileage restrictions, there will be additional penalties when you turn it back in. That’s why the car lease isn’t good for someone that drives a lot.

Audi Financing Pros & Cons

If you would rather own your Audi, it’s best to consider a car loan instead. This option between leasing vs. financing ensures that you can do whatever you want with your vehicle, whether you decide to sell it or you want to customize it. Our superior customer service team has access to some amazing auto financing deals, based on your credit score. If we run your credit report and see it’s in good shape, we can open up special interest rates and offers to you.

However, the monthly payments for the loan amount will be more than the similar lease payments. You have to pay more because you are responsible for paying the total cost of the car. At the end of the agreement, you will own the Audi free and clear. Plus, you can drive as many miles as you want without worrying about any penalties.

Lease or Buy Your Next Audi

What’s the best option for you: leasing vs financing? Our premier Audi Finance Center team can help you decide. When you find the Audi model that best suits you, we can evaluate the payments between the finance agreement and the lease deal. We can also discuss your lifestyle to see if one option works better than the other. You want to read all of the terms and conditions of both before making your decision. Schedule a test drive today at Audi Tampa in Florida.